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martes, marzo 30, 2010

Agua Oxigenada

El Agua Oxigenada es Curativa?

Qué concentración se recomienda?


[YEA] 02/20/2008: Kimberly from Scottsdale, AZ writes: "re: chronic systemic candidiasis/numbness/agression/depression/acne/bedwetting. Toda mi familia ha sido atacada por candida. Nuestro pH se encuentra fuera de rango durante años. As a result, many, many health problems. Me encontré un sitio con información sobre agua oxigenada al 35% grado alimenticio y por supuesto su sitio for the ACV y oil pulling.

Gradually building up from 1 drop in 6-8 oz of water 3x's daily of h202 hasta que se alcanza 25 gotas 3x's daily durante a course de 2 semanas(for those who can stomache this, please note esto es solo para padecimientos  CRONICOS  and 35% FOOD GRADE h202 ONLY, purchased online o en tiendas naturistas).

Al cabo de dos semanas, once you are up to the full doasge, continue for a week (may need to keep going for weeks, posiblemente hasta cuatro meses, depending how bad your case is) and then slowly taper off, disminuyendo la dosis by 1-2 gotas hasta alcanzar un nivel de mantenimiento de 1-3 gotas al día, or every other day, depending on what is best FOR YOU. Note: 35% food grade(grado alimenticio) h202 se debe manejar con guantes.

It is very strong and MUST NOT be abused or taken in large quantities. Death can occur if taken at full strength. Keep in refigerator and if contact with skin, rinse area immediately.

creo que si lo tuviera que hacer de nuevo, I would have gotten our pH levels balanced ANTES de comenzar con la terapia con agua oxigenada, but as it was, I was already in the middle of it when I stumbled upon this site for using ACV in hopes of curing other ailments we all had. Para el caso de la terapia del vinagre de manzana orgánico I used the standard 2 Tbl ACV (organic unpasteurized is best, NOT vinagrre blanco!) mixed with 1/4 tsp baking soda.

Finding the right dosage for your younger children will have to use some smart thinking and regulating. Only you know your child best. Always start with smaller amounts when in doubt and gradually build up. My 16 year old could not stomache more than 20 drops of 35% h202 3x's a day. For my 11 year old I did a max of 14 drops 3x daily and my 6 year old, 8 drops 3xs daily. I have heard lecitin can be used to help lessen the nausea that is often associated with taking h202 orally, though I have not personally tried it.

En lo que se refiere al vinagre de manzana orgánico ACV, my teen was ok with the adult dosage and my younger two by cutting it in half.

Ted ha mencionado en este sitio que el agua oxigenada h202 y el ACV no se deben mezclar, so either do one or the other, however, I found for my husband as well as myself, alternating days has been working out so far. En otras palabras, un día se aplica h202 y al siguiente día se usa  ACV.

Oil pulling (buches con aceite) también han resultado benéficos for us, 1 cucharadaTbl EVOO (extra virg. olive oil) swishing and pulling through teeth hasta que se vuelve blanco and liquid like. Dos veces a la semana.

Ok, a continuación se da la lista de padecimientos we had that have been greatly helped by, if not completely cured by doing the 35% food grade h202 drops, ACV/bicarbonato de sodio y oil pulling: (buches con aceite)


-CHRONIC vaginal itching (would get pap smears and tested for yeast infections which would all come up negative, found out from another Dr that lab results for the testing of candida have a 55% inaccuracy)

-MRSA (kept re-occuring and Dr's could not find the reason for it, have spent weeks in the hospital for this)

-numbness in whole body (was running 20 miles a week, had to cut down to zero because of this, Dr prescribed anti anxiety medication for this and of course it didn't work)

-fungus (Dr's could not cure for years and years)

-Alergias (we have taken EVERY known allergy med out there, none worked)

-Nariz sangrante (2-3 x's a week)

-Orinarse en la cama durante la noche (night time bed wetting) (one son did not have a dry night since he was born and now is on his way to never having to wear "pull-ups" ever again--we got all types of conflicting medical advice from different Dr's over this one and not one of them worked to "cure" this)

-acne (Dr put him on 3 month course of tetrycycline to no avail)

-Apetito insatiable

-Control de Peso (todos hemos reducido  3-4 pulgadas around waist)

-chronic mucous in lungs (one son was diagnosed with asthma and put on meds, only to aggravate the stuation, my son was going nuts,to the point of a mental melt down; he would also wake up in the middle of the night gagging on this mucous-phlegm like substance, eventually leading to him throwing up...not fun)



-low energy (I would need 14 hours of sleep some days)

-aggression/irritability(my temper was so bad that my family was becoming scared of me!)

-acid reflux

-stomache ailments (husbands stomache was terribly distended)

-sore joints/muscles (to the point where I needed my sons and husband to literally POUND on my back as hard as they could in order to alleviate the achiness)


-Dolor de Cabeza (800 mg of ibuprofen was no longer working)

...basically being a part of the dead, rather than the living!

Thanks to all who have passed on info in order to improve the quality of life for others. You guys rock Earth Clinic, (and a shout out to Dr. David G. Williams for h202 therapy as well)!"

Advertencia.- El agua oxigenada al 35% se debe diluir hasta por lo menos el 3%


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